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Psychotherapy is an in depth process where you are able to explore and reflect on root causes of emotional difficulties and problems that may have been struggling with today or may have built up over time. It helps achieve a fundamental understanding of yourself, coping mechanism  and behaviors. Through encouragement and collaborative work you will be able to overcome barriers leading you to a more healthy lifestyle.


This therapeutic approach focuses on transformational change, by becoming aware of our feelings, judgements, beliefs, rules, attitudes, expectation and methods of coping we have learned during our upbringing. With this understanding you will be able to manage and interact in a more positive way with yourself and others, leading you to having inner peace.


Hypnotherapy using hypnosis as tool to conduct therapy. Unlike most types of psychological work  that are based around conscious process of thought, hypnotherapy approaches the subconscious part of the psyche. The subconscious mind is where most patterns, programs and core beliefs are ingrained. This approach allows us to resolve difficulties and modify behavior at a level, where the conscious mind can hinder its success.


Counselling is a collaborative process that addresses difficult and painful emotions as well as distressing  areas you are struggling with.  It guides you towards growth , change and inner peace by helping  you gain insight into your thoughts and feelings  as well as  developing your coping strategies to help you effectively handle stressful situations and deal with internal struggles.


It’s a therapeutic approach where you train to have moment-to-moment awareness of your  thought, feelings and surrounding environment, without judgement.  It involves the idea of acceptance, understanding and the idea that there are not “right” or “wrong” feelings in a given moment. Our mind is attuned to what we are sensing in a given moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.  With mindfulness you will be able have better control of your thoughts and start gaining control over the automatic irrational thoughts that may occur.


Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful form of energy psychology that will clear negative belief systems and conditioning that is holding you back from achieving success, harmony, balance, freedom, joy and peace in your life. Eft can also neutralize old pains and fears, bringing relief and a better quality of life. It basically involves using your fingertips to tap on specific meridian points on the body to neutralize negative energy


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a highly successful and evidence based approach that has been proven to  substantially reduce the symptoms of many emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety ,panic attacks and eating disorders . It has also been shown to be as effective as medication in treating depression and anxiety.  The main theory behind  CBT is based on how our thoughts influence our feelings and subsequently determine our behaviors. Through a collaborative approach we can identify problematic behaviours as well as unhelpful thoughts patterns and positively restructure them to result in healthier interpretations that lead to reasonable and balanced feelings and actions.


Is a widely recognised solution and outcome based approach.  It offers powerful and effective techniques for improving your communication , modifying behaviors and improving the way you perceive your experiences and interactions with the world around you . It is an empowering process that eliminates unproductive thoughts and behaviors that may be holding you back and offers you specific skills to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.